The Invisible Truth

One of the most utterly brilliant, scientifically able, logically pragmatic, allopathic (western medicine) doctors I know
was asked about her opinion of the success of the multitude of non-traditional healing methods I was using.

It is a sign of the times that this traditional medical doctor calmly replied, “Just because we haven’t proven it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.”
Open-mindedness can cause science and faith to meet in harmony.
What new thought can you gift yourself with right now?
We are all "set in our ways" to some degree. We're on autopilot.
Often we drift away as the body performs menial tasks.
I always say that my nephew goes to Tahiti; he says the huge TV/computer screen in his mind is full of static during those times,
until I wave my hands & invite him to return.
"Come to present time and tell me when you're here."
Let's choose to break this cycle. Do something new. Anything.
Close your eyes as you walk down the hallway to your bedroom?
Break left instead of breaking right?
Drive home from work via a different route?
When I ballet skied, I would achieve this by spinning in 360s in the opposite direction than I normally did.
Instead of starting my first 360 by sliding to the right, I slid to the left. Can you go left today?
I'm not saying to go all radical on me! No need to "do a Thelma and Louise!"
Just left instead of right, blue instead of green, teal instead of black. Let's wear red today!
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